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RATELIMITED Development Blog #1

Hey there readers,

Welcome to the new RATELIMITED blog, and especially, our first development blog!

In the creation of a file-uploading API, we've had to think of a few things, including how we're going to handle malicious files, and scripts.

With that in mind, we've taken steps to secure our servers from malicious scripts, and files, by using a non-executable, download-only bucket hosted on our servers.

Building an API in PHP is a hard job, and in doing so, we had to also keep in mind that security and optimization are our #1 priorities.
As such, we've taken steps to ensure that there are no security vulnerabilities present in the code, and we have employed Sqreen in order to make sure to prevent any attacks from happening, and if they do happen, they will be logged, which allows us to patch any and all loopholes present.

The API is written using Symfony 4, and our vision for v3 is to have an accessible, easy-to-use API that offers more than any of our competitors can, which includes private buckets, multiple API keys per user, and a system where users can add their own domains automatically.

Currently, RLAPI is split into two modules, RLAPI (Which is the core), and the File Handler, which does file delivery.

Both of these modules co-operate with eachother, but can be customized to work individually.

We would once again like to thank you for your support throughout the two years our service has been running for, here's to another year!